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Wellbeing and Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Healer, Self love teacher.
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Management training

Management training

Management training

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Management training

We aim to deliver bespoke training that can be implemented to all management and HR teams in multiple areas that can be rolled out to staff members.

These consist of (but are not limited to):


Management Training in Wellbeing

Define wellbeing and resilience, look at positive language and using it with your staff, Identify symptoms and signs of low-level mental health issues, investigate
wellbeing tools you can use and how to use wellbeing strategies to cope.

Combating anxiety, stress and burnout

Understanding anxiety, stress and burnout, symptoms and signs and recovery and prevention of anxiety, stress and burnout using wellbeing tools and techniques.

Having a win-win mindset towards work
Learning about a growth mindset and how it helps you have a positive win-win mindset, how to implement it and the benefits of doing so.

Returning to work after Covid and managing anxiety involving a wellbeing focus

Understanding how things have changed due to Covid at work, understanding anxiety and managing it, focusing on your wellbeing.

Adjusting to change

*All workshop content can be tailored to your companies needs – prices may vary

  • Corporate training online or in person: 1 hour: £200
  • Corporate training online or in person: 2 hours: £400
  • Charities and trusts online or in person: 1 hour+: £100-200
  • Bespoke training half day including activities: half day: £500
  • Full days – please enquire
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