Justine Markley

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Wellbeing and Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Healer, Self love teacher.
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Monthly Mind, Body, Spirit, Classes 7.30-8.30pm

This class will pamper your mind, body and soul including breathwork, mindfulness and a meditation practice.

November 22nd is the last session for 2023 which includes Reiki too!

2024 Dates:

January 17th

February 21st

March 20th

Other months TBC

Meditation group flyer

Online Meditation group (monthly)


This group is for all those that want the opportunity to switch off and relax their mind through meditation. Different meditation and meditation techniques will be taught. A real chance to pamper yourself. Only £7 on the first Wednesday of the month – 7-8pm on Zoom.

Online Spiritual Community group (monthly)


This group is for likeminded individuals who want to connect with others and gain spiritual guidance, support and mentoring on their spiritual journey. Only £5 on the last Wednesday of the month – 7-8pm on Zoom.

Spiritual Online Community Flyer

Steps to Wellbeing 6 Week Course 12th October-16th November Online


Transformative Course in mastering the mindset, emotions and perspectives. Access your true power and maximise your potential!

YOU CAN ATTEND EACH WEEKLY SESSION ON A PAYG BASIS! Email me to book on: igniteyourinnerpower@outlook.com


6 week course online starting 28th September- 2nd November 7.30-8.30pm focusing on helping you to change your entire life for the better through understanding your own mind, emotions and wellbeing needs.

Module 1: Roadmap to wellbeing- understanding and implementing it (including a soothing and uplifting meditation and mindfulness)

Module 2: Recognising self-limiting beliefs and changing them and learning about incrasing self- confidence and self-belief (through NLP- neuro linguistic programming)

Module 3: Mastering balance in your day to day life, understanding your true values and setting boundaries

Module 4: Combatting Challenging Emotions (including anxiety and stress) using EFT- emotional freedom tapping and an overview of emotional intelligence

Module 5: Overcoming fear based thoughts, overthinking and learning how to let go

Module 6: Feel the power within through Self-care and Self-love with a touch of positive thinking, manifestation techniques and a closing meditation to finish the course

You will learn so many helpful tools to help you on your wellness and healing journey. All modules include an E book takeaway and you will have the opportunity to book a 30 minute FREE coaching session with me.


The Holistic Wellness Mind, Body, Spirit Event- Christmas Special December 2nd, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire


Huge Mind, Body, Spirit Event catering to all your Wellness, Holistic and Spiritual needs. 1:1 taster sessions available and Christmassy food and GOODY BAGS to the first 50 peope as well as a great community event. Over 25 businesses showcasing their services and products in Winchester, Hampshire.

There is plenty of parking and you can pay on the door if preferred. There is also a HUGE RAFFLE raising money for St Michaels Hospice.



Christmas Special- Manifesting and Vision Board Workshop- 9th December 10-1.30pm

Get ready for 2024 and bring your dreams into your reality!

The key to manifesting is knowing what you want, asking for it and surrending to the universe!

In this workshop you will get to learn all about:

  • Talk on manifesting and law of attraction
  • A guided visualisation meditation (to help you manifest your dreams in through visualisation)
  • Learn manifesting rituals that work
  • Learn about the influence of the new and full moons on your manifesting abilities
  • Create your own VISION BOARD with all materials provided
  • Learn how to use your vison board to manifest
  • Christmassy relaxing meditation

‘This workshop is kid friendly’

The benefits of you attending are:

  • Knowing how to manifest on your own and bring in your hearts desires
  • Understanding how it all works and that you can manifest anything you want!
  • Ask the expert- ask me any question and I will happily give you the guidance you need

All refreshments are provided and vision board materials as well as a FREE Goody bag 🙂

At Colden Common Community Centre


Valentines Self-Love Wellness Workshop

Fun, creative workshop and talk including a FREE gift to help you enhance your self love and wellbeing!

Whats included:

Talk on self-love, how to practice it and understanding the benefits of doing it (Includes EFT practice- Emotional Freedom tapping and heartfelt meditation helping you get into your heart space)


Create your own Self love and Self care vision board to takeaway- Vision boards help you to manifest your dream reality and help you to attract what you want

Get creative with painting a ceramic heart to takeaway- Painting is very creative therapy and helps to support positive mental health and wellbeing. It is a form of mindfulness and creates a space to relax, have fun and bring out your younger self!

All materials provided 🙂

Benefits of me attending:

Learn all about how self-love really does change your life and the positive impact of healing and self love practices

Get to be creative and bring out your inner child by creating a magical vision board and painting wonderful peices of ceramic art!

*Kid friendly*

£35 pp inc refreshments

At Colden Common Community Centre