Justine Markley

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Wellbeing and Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Healer, Self love teacher.
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Affirmation cards

There are 33 positive affirmation cards- pick one each day and repeat throughout your day to change your mindset and attract in your hearts desires, by changing your thoughts. Say out loud or in your mind and watch miracles manifest!

Rose quartz bracelet

Rose quartz crystal bracelet wear to bring in more love, calm and peace into your life. Crystals work with your energy to aid healing that is needed and to help change your energy to attract what you need.

Crystal packs

These packs are designed to help you attract and augment the energy in your life. Each crystal is representative of a different element to your spiritual being, and together they work to help you align your spiritual energy.

  • Abundance Pack

    This pack contains three incredible crystals all to aid with attracting more abundance. Helps you to attract wealth and prosperity.

  • Protection pack

    All 3 crystals help shield and protect your energy from negativity, release it and help protect you from outside energy

  • Grounding pack

    This is to help with grounding your energy and curbing anxiety and frustration/stress

  • Healing Pack

    This contains 3 crystals to aid the healing process with trauma, grief and any hurt or pain.

  • Positivity Pack

    All 3 crystals help raise your vibration and help you to maintain a positive energy.

  • Anxiety Pack

    This is to help with the three stages of anxiety-panic, feeling uncomfortable and then restoring calm.

All packs are £5.50 (£6.65 incl. postage)